this is a guide for: "NiceHash Miner Legecy" (windows 10, and older)
- NiceHash miner takes a 3% fee.
- Payout at 0.01 BTC

>>>> download-->

--runtime files--
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 -->

my Bitcoin address (if you'd like to donate or help): 1GuXCYKeC9QNj5h8nBVBfnt4DPDxAahT7c or create your own bitcoin wallet

1) Run "NiceHashMinerLegacy.exe" as admin.
2) config the "settings" based on your hardware
3) Set anti-virus software to allow miners, if required (and allow firewall exception)

- Allow 3rd party miners

- Before you are able to mine, the "NiceHash Miner" must first benchmark your hardware to determine the best algorithms to use for highest profit.

=CPU mining=
Only CPUs that can be used
- high end Intel Xeon (the high core count beasts are good/decent)
- AMD Ryzen (slighly better hashrate than FX but at 1/4 of the TDP)
- AMD FX (high hash rate but at a high TDP)
- the new i9 extreme probably have good hash rate (need to confirm)

=GPU mining=
- SLI/crossfire needs to be disabled
- latest video drivers are recommended
- Optimal to keep the GPU temp at 70C or under
- Mining over time will destroy the GPU much faster than normal use. (doesn't apply to CPU mining too much though)
- Overclocking your video card can significantly increase your hashrate

- nVidia control panel settings should all be on default (application-controlled)
- GTX 960 and up can be used
- here are the settings I use for nicehash miner -


- r7 370 and up can be used
- all settings should be on default (application-controlled)

Energy cost calculator" ->
- helps determine what you are paying in power for the hardware used for mining

=misc files=
EVGA Precision (Geforce overclocking software) -
CPU core parking manager v3 ->

DirectX web setup -
Display Driver Uninstall  -
.net framework repair tool -